As individual as you. Our pressure cookers.

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New functions. Many advantages.

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Unique design.
The pressure cooker series vitavit® edition digital is a highlight in any stylish, carefully equipped kitchen. The latest member of the Fissler vitavit® family impresses with its unusual design which fascinates above all because of the handle elements.

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Intelligent and uncomplicated.
High tech in the kitchen can be fun: The vitacontrol® electronic cooking assistant makes it easier than ever before to cook healthy and tasty food quickly.

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Three cooking levels.
In addition to the two usual cooking settings (gentle and speed settings), the vitavit® edition digital pressure cooker offers a novel steaming function. It works without pressure: You can take a look, stir and season at any time.

Convenient, precisely measurable steam release function.
The new comfort steam discharge function enables you to regulate the steam discharge from a pressure cooker from the vitavit® edition digital line extremely conveniently and precisely.

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Simple traffic lights logic.
The new color display makes the cooking process easy to control.
Yellow: The stove can now be turned down.
Green: The set temperature has been reached and the cooking time begins.
Red: The temperature is too high.

Pressure-free steam cooking.
The vitavit® edition digital pressure cooker stands out because of its integrated steam cooking setting which functions without pressure. This ensures that even the most sensitive ingredients will turn out perfectly. An additional food steamer is superfluous.

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High-quality accessories included.
The pressure cookers of the vitavit® edition digital series are not only equipped with the electronic vitacontrol® digital cooking assistant. The perforated steamer inset with its practical tripod stand is also an integral part.

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